Get Some Facts about Marketing and Its Categories


Market is described as a place where buyers and sellers would meet and there is an exchange of goods and services. There are two kinds of market and these are the wholesale and the retail market. Today, market would further refer to sets and collection of actual buyers of services and products. Marketing therefore is the action or business that promotes and sells products or services and to include activities of research and advertising.

Pay per click campaign managment has different categories but there are two main segments considered to be in practice today, and these are the traditional marketing and the other one is digital marketing. Traditional marketing is described as any kind of promotions, advertising or publicity that is generally used by companies for a long period and has proven its rate of success. In the past, this type of marketing was simply defined as the flow of goods or services from producers to consumers, and considered as a product oriented activity. This is because the producer of the products would only concentrate on the manufacturing and do not take into consideration what the consumers would need. Some of the methods of traditional marketing include print advertisement like newsletter, billboards, newspaper ads, television, commercials, radio broadcasting advertising, and so on.

With the development of new technologies especially in the world of internet, a new kind of demands changed the methods of marketing. Computerization is everywhere and thus digital marketing becomes a part of most buyers and sellers transactions. Some examples of digital marketing are the websites, social media networks, and emails. The difference between traditional and digital marketing lies in the use of digital devices and information technology. These factors made marketing faster, reliable and easy to find. Digital marketing is thus a broad term referring to marketing with the use of these online medium and got its new term called online or Be Brilliant marketing.

Among the marketing techniques of digital marketing are search engine optimization, search engine marketing, content marketing, campaign marketing, e-commerce marketing and social media marketing. The growth of digital marketing is due to several reasons. Its techniques are more cost effective than the traditional marketing, the digital process is faster and thus result oriented as compared to the old one, a person or company can easily tracks their performance, processes are considered reliable and thus generate more revenues. And lastly but not the least is that the digital media can facilitate interaction with the targeted market. You may also watch and gather more ideas about marketing at


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